How to get more out of a can!

Maybe you guys are also struggeling with the prices for plantbased milk like I do… You know me well, my mind is always working so I thought about an alternitive to get more for my money.

Just sayin: 1 Liter of, for example, coconutmilk is 2,69€!!! This is 3,12$!!!


I tried to make my own plant milk with nuts like almonds or hazelnuts. Therefor you need a beldner, a kitchentowel (they sell extra milk or cheesetowles, but I think there is no need to buy one) and water (The nutmilk post will be up on the blog another day).

Okay, not everyone owns a blender. So far so good!

I always buy some cans of coconutcream cause it´s healthy, creamy and you can use it for many different recipes (Smoothies, savory sauces and so on). I get the idea to just add 1 Liter of filtered water with the can of coconutcream into my blender, mix it and fill this milk into a very clean bottle of at least 1,5 Liter. And what can I say? A star is born.

This is my favorite way of getting my plantmilk. I leave it in the fridge to keep it fresh for up to 3 days. BUT you don´t need to own a blender. Just add the coconutcream and the water into your clean bottle, shake it and it´s the same result! Go on and try it!

I hope you guys like my idea of saving money with making some coconutmilk and I would love to hear your thoughts right here or on Instagram!


Happy Coconutmilking,



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